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OOZE Slim Twist 2.0 w/ Smart USB Charger

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OOZE Slim Twist 2.0 w/ Smart USB Charger

T H E   N E X T   T O P - S E L L E R   F R O M   O O Z E .

It just keeps getting better!  The Slim Twist 2.0 is a sleek, reliable 510 thread pen-style device with better flex temp, longer battery life, pulse wave tech, automatic shut-off, and a second charging port. The original Slim Twist is a staple in smoke shops, so this new version with professional, updated packaging is sure to get your vape-loving customers excited!

FLEX TEMP | The Slim Twist 2.0 is equipped with flex temp, which means you can select a voltage level between 2.0V and 4.0V to heat the device. When compared to the original, the upgraded Slim Twist 2.0 has a lower voltage range but it is better suited to properly heat oil cartridges, protecting them from burning. Each voltage level on the dial is now a notch that clicks into place, so you know exactly how hot the device is heating at any given moment.

AUTO DRAW | There are two different ways to puff from the Slim Twist 2.0. Use it just like the original (press the button down while taking a draw), or enjoy the newly equipped Auto Draw Function, which allows you to take as many consecutive hits as you want by simply inhaling from the device. Enjoy a more hands-free experience!

DUAL CHARGING OPTION | The battery life of the Slim Twist 2.0 is incredible with a quick and easy charging process. We gave it automatic shut-off, so it turns itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity. The classic Ooze Smart USB Charger, that screws onto the battery like a cartridge, is included; But in addition to that, the battery itself is now equipped with a secondary Type-C charging port. No need to let low battery power kill your vibe as you can still rip it while it's charging! Both charging methods will rapidly recharge the Slim Twist Pen.

Box Contents:

1 x Ooze Slim Twist Battery

1 x Smart USB Charger