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Hohm Mega 18650 2505mAh 3.6V Battery

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Hohm Mega 18650 2505mAh 3.6V Battery (Single)

Hohm Mega Depot is designed for those that want to heat things up faster or shine brighter. This chemistry composition utilizes DSP which resulted in a 13~17% cycle life gain from all MEGA prototypes. 

Hohm Mega beats the LG HE2/4 and Samsung 25R in capacity, amperage, and internal resistance.

Mega pushes 22A CDR, 2505mAh (minimum), 29.5A to 80°C | 3.2V cut-off limit (whichever occurs first). 

Hohm Tech cells are the only (yes, ONLY) North America NEMA Guideline and ANSI compliant cylindrical cells for general consumer use. This is completed by obtaining the following certificates and/or licensed expert(s) from the UN38.3, EN62133, IEC62133 2nd Edition, and UL1642 accredited laboratories and testing facilities assigned by regulatory bodies. This includes Human Factors Expert, MSDS, CE, ROHS, UN38.3, IEC, PSE, Specifications, and Air/Sea Transport Certifications. Hohm Tech does not cut corners. We deliver what we promise... chart-topping performance, capacity, consistency, and safety. 


  • Capacity (mAh) / WH: 2505 / 9.01
  • Continuous Discharge Rate: 22A
  • Max Discharge Current: 29.5A
  • Energy Density (wt): 193.3 Wh/kg
  • Energy Density (vol): 544.7 Wh/l
  • Cycle Life Retention: 500 (77%)
  • Chemistry Type: DSP Li-NMC


KEEP OUT out of reach of children and pets.

DO NOT store or carry batteries unprotected.

DO NOT use lower resistance (Ω) # OR exceed any cell limitation as indicated on cell.

DO NOT use in device that allows batteries to touch that are facing opposing directions (risk severe burn injury and explosion).

DO NOT install, use, or charge backwards or improper configuration.

DO NOT use a battery that has ANY dents, tears, punctures, or any other damage at all to its structure or outer label wrapping (risk severe burn injury). Inspect each battery carefully before use. This ensures safe, reliable, consistent operation, and functionality.

DO NOT use if hot to touch. Risk severe burn injury and explosion.

DO NOT charge over 4.2v or discharge below specified cut-off volts.

Lithium ion batteries have inherent risks that can cause severe burn injury, fire, explosion, and battery failure if not handled and used in accordance to an application’s power requirements and/or within the battery capabilities. Read specification sheets’ cautions, warnings, and prohibitions (available in Download Center of this site).