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Dozo Don't Trip Mushroom Extract + D9 Gummies - 7100mg

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Content: Packed within each pouch are 10 gummies, each skillfully infused with Mushroom Extract, Muscimol, Muscarine, and D9 THC.

Potency: Each pouch offers a potent 7000mg of Mushroom Extract and 100mg of D9 THC in total. Every gummy is loaded with 700mg of Mushroom Extract and 10mg of D9 THC.

Taste: Surrender to the delightful Grape Orbit flavor that teases your palate with every bite.

Legal Status: With no Psilocybin content, these products are legal. As we like to say, don't trip, it's legal.

Effect: Experience the magical interplay of Muscimol, Muscarine, and D9 THC that unfolds a transformative journey. With better sleep quality, heightened consciousness, and tranquility amidst stressful situations, you'll also find yourself breaking free from harmful habits. Explore new levels of creativity and introspection.

Taste Meets Tranquility

Your taste buds are in for a treat with our assortment of delectable flavors. Delivering a soothing and enjoyable experience, all without any Psilocybin. Relax, relish, and enjoy the serene journey of Don't Trip Mushroom + Delta 9 Gummies - where extraordinary experiences are not just possible, they're perfectly legal.

Powerful Blend, Lasting Effects

Each pouch is a treasure trove, packed with 7100mg of Mushroom Extract. Every gummy is a perfect balance of 700mg Muscimol and muscarine with 10mg D9 THC. With ten of these power-packed gummies per pouch, you’re promised a journey that doesn't fade but lingers, ensuring a long-lasting, unforgettable voyage.

Experience Unrivalled Tranquility

Don’t Trip Mushroom + Delta 9 Gummies - a harmonious blend of the world's finest elements for an unmatched edible experience. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary and dive into the unknown.