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Donuts Kratom Extract Shot 100 MG

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"We start with the finest-grade kratom leaves, sourced directly from the dedicated farmers who grow them. These exceptional kratom leaves are meticulously extracted to create our exclusive "Golden Kratom Extract." Throughout the proprietary extraction process, we maintain the use of food-grade ingredients, ensuring that no harmful solvents or excipients are introduced during production. This meticulous approach enables us to achieve an impressive yield of up to 98% total alkaloids and 45% Mitragynine from the kratom leaves. But what truly sets our extract apart is its rich secondary alkaloid profile, containing up to 10-20% or more of alkaloids like Paynantheine, Speciogynine, and Speciocilatine. It's this unique balance of the primary alkaloid, Mitragynine, with the secondary alkaloids that imparts the exceptional qualities to our extract and is part of what makes Donuts Kratom shots so special. "

Donuts Kratom shots come in 30mL bottles and are available in two distinct strengths:

  • The Original 100mg

    • Each bottle of The Original 100mg contains 100mg of our premium kratom extract.

    • This extract boasts an approximate 45% Mitragynine concentration, translating to roughly 45mg of Mitragynine per bottle.

    • The suggested serving size is 10mL, equivalent to 1/3 of the bottle, providing 15mg of Mitragynine.