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Bearly Legal - Nicotine Infused Hemp Cigarettes

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Nicotine Infused Hemp Cigarettes | 100% Tobacco Fee Nicotine

The functional equivalent of a real cigarette, Bearly Legal is pleased to announce the world's first Tobacco-Free Nicotine Infused Hemp Smokes. We didn’t have to compromise on quality, and the result is a smooth, satisfying smoke. Our Nicotine-Free Hemp Cigarettes are made with pure, unadulterated synthetic nicotine that is not sourced from tobacco, so you can enjoy each hit as if it were a real cigarette. And because they’re Hemp cigarettes, they don't contain the laundry list of harmful toxins or pollutants typically found in real cigarettes (Who knows what they contain). 

Simple is Better. Just 2 Ingredients: 

  1. Raw A+ Quality Cali Grown Hemp
  2. Tobacco-Free Nicotine


  • 1 Pack of Bearly Legal Nic Smokes (Tobacco-Free)
  • 20 cigarettes per pack
  • Each cigarette is approximately 0.8g of fine hemp.
  • 7.5mg of Nicotine
  • 50mg of Natural CBD