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Vandy Vape - Clapton Wire | Rebuildable Accessories | Wicks, Wire, Cotton

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Vandy Vape Clapton Kanthal A1 Series Wires


Wire for rebuildable atomizer coils. Comes wrapped on a handy spool with slots to trap your wire and keep it from unwinding.

Clapton Resistance
1 SS Clapton Wire SS316L/26ga+30ga 10ft 1.86Ω/ft
2 KA1 Clapton Wire KA1/26ga+32ga 10ft 3.50Ω/ft
3 SS Fused Clapton Wire SS316L/28ga*2(=)+30ga 10ft 1.74Ω/ft
4 KA1 Fused ClaptonWire KA1/28ga*2(=)+32ga 10ft 3.14Ω/ft
5 SS Fused ClaptonWire SS316L/26ga*2(=)+30ga 10ft 1.00Ω/ft
6 KA1 Fused ClaptonWire KA1/26ga*2(=)+32ga 10ft 1.77Ω/ft
7 SS316 Fused Clapton 24ga*2(=)+32ga 10ft  0.61Ω/ft 
8 KA1 Fused Clapton 24ga*2(=)+32ga 10ft  1.16Ω/ft
9 SS Twisted Clapton Wire SS316L/28ga*2(&)+30ga 10ft 1.70Ω/ft
10 KA1 Twisted Clapton Wire /28ga*2(&)+32ga 10ft 3.35Ω/ft
11 SS316 FlatClapton 26ga*18ga+32ga 10ft 0.73Ω/ft
12 KA1 FlatClapton 26ga*18ga+32ga 10ft 1.16Ω/ft
13 SS316 Stagger Fused Clapton(26ga+32ga)*2+32ga 10ft 0.85Ω/ft
14 SS316 Juggernaut(28ga+37ga)*2+24ga*37ga 10ft 1.52Ω/ft
15 KA1 Juggernaut(28ga+37ga)*2+24ga*37ga 10ft 2.77Ω/ft
16 Ni80  Clapton Wire 26ga+35ga 10ft 2.7Ω/ft
17 Ni80  Clapton Wire 24ga+35ga 10ft 1.66Ω/ft
18 Ni80 Fused Clapton Wire 28ga x2(=)+35ga 10ft 2.35Ω/ft
19 Ni80 Fused Clapton Wire 26ga x2(=)+35ga 10ft 1.34Ω/ft
20 Ni80 Superfine MTL Fused Clapton Wire 30ga x 2(=)+38ga  10ft 3.5Ω/ft