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U.D. Wire Box

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Youde is at it again! The Youde Wire Box comes with 6 spools of wire neatly packaged and organized in a Youde box. If you enjoy using rebuildable atomizers then chances are you’ll know just how hard it is to keep track of all your different wires. One of the even bigger issues is if you’re not careful, the wire can explode and unravel off the spool. Once this happens you’ll be spending an eternity getting it back onto the spool properly. The UD Wire Box is a simple yet genius product that solves this problem! In the box you will receive 6 different spools, each with a different type of wire. Included will be nichrome wire, nickel wire, stainless steel wire, twisted kanthal wire, regular kanthal wire, and clapton wire. If you enjoy building coils then this is a product you’ll definitely want to get your hands on! 

You Will Receive:


  • 1x - 30 foot spool of 26g kanthal A1 wire
  • 1x - 30 foot spool of 26g nichrome wire
  • 1x - 30 foot spool of 26g Ni200 wire
  • 1x - 30 foot spool of 26g 316 stainless steel wire
  • 1x - 15 foot spool of 3x 28g twisted kanthal wire
  • 1x - 15 foot spool of 26g + 28g kanthal clapton wire