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Smok - Vape Pen 22 (Mesh and Strip) 5-Pack | Replacement Coils

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Also now available in MESH 0.15 Ohm and STRIP 0.15 Ohm. 

VAPE PEN STRIP COIL - Strip coil is a fire-new revolutionary coil from Smok, which is made of Kanthal. We have developed an innovative heating membrane unit, whose porous structure can bring great surface absorption and increase the speed in which it does so. It has a larger heating area and radiation area, making the heating more even and helps the e-juice heat up quickly. Besides, it can also avoid heat accumulation and the corrosion of heating materials. Compared with other traditional heating wires, strip coil can easily load higher power. The large number of thin films formed in the structure has greatly improved free energy on the surface. On the combined effects of surface tension and van Edward force, it will activate numerous aromatic compounds in the e-juice to achieve both large cloud and dense flavor.

VAPE PEN MESH COIL - Compared with traditional coil, Vape Pen MESH coil has a wide heating area, which can evenly heat and absorb e-liquid effectively. ensuring you preferable flavor and huge vapor. What's more, the MESH coil has a longer life span.