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Plus Pods - 6% Flavor Pods (Juul Compatible) 4-Pack | Replacement Pods | Pod Systems

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  • $ 13.99

  • Salt Nicotine juice
  • Compatible with Juul
  • 1ml juice – larger than Juul’s original .7ml pods
  • Warning – This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Take blueberry and mix it with a little raspberry, add some sweet and BAM you have one of the best blue raspberry pods on the market. We promise these will never let you down!

Imagine sitting on beach with the wind blowing in your face and sun beating down on your skin! Your dying of thirst and the only thing that can refresh your pallet is a nice cold fresh lemonade. Lemonade by Plus pods is your answer! You will not be let down.

Watermelon Plus Pods is simply the best watermelon flavor available in a pod! Crisp, sweet, and organic watermelon will attack your taste buds on your first inhale to your last exhale.

Mix Mango and live in a wild dream vacationing in the tropics. This is MANGO by Plus Pods!

This Strawberry is one of the most natural and organic tasting strawberry flavored pods on the market. If you love strawberry, these are sure to be your favorite! Grab a pack of strawberry Plus pods today!