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Jum (Juul Compatible) - 5.0% 4-Pack | Salt Nic E-Liquid | Replacement Pods

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  • -5% (50mg) Nicotine Salt In Each Pod
  • Coffee Blend
    JUM Coffee Blend Pods are the finest aroma of fine coffee beans that were picked at the dawn of a crisp dew-laden morning. Get the taste of rich delicious coffee in our delightful JUM Coffee Blend Pods

    Double Blueberry
    JUM Double Blueberry Pods will remind you of those warm mornings at your grandmother’s house picking and enjoying ripe, fresh delicious blueberries. The striking flavor and rich vapor will add exponentially to your enjoyment. It comes down to this.

    Mighty Mango
    JUM Mighty Mango Pods are like a wild and juicy stone fruit picked from tropical trees, it makes your taste buds dance with delight. Take a tropical island vaping vacation with JUM Mighty Mango Pods!

    Smooth Menthol
    JUM Smooth Menthol Pods.  Yeah, we know. Most Vape menthol e-juices miss the mark. Well, we did something about it. JUM Smooth Menthol is a minty cool bulls-eye! You’ll never miss the cool flavor of menthol cigarettes with JUM!

    Sour Apple
    JUM Sour Apple Pods will make Apple connoisseurs rejoice! The JUM Sour Apple flavor invites tart and tangy to your vaping party and they are fully loaded so get fired up and ready for a vape that is destined to become legend.